The Masjid

Foundation of Jaame Masjid

Jaame Masjid, (Islamic Cultural Centre) was founded in Blackburn, Lancashire in 1962, being the first mosque in Lancashire

In the early 1960s many Muslims settled in Blackburn, the need for a mosque was ever increasing. In 1962 within the county of Lancashire, Jaame Masjid was the first mosque to be established incorporating two terrace houses. It became the first Masjid in Lancashire, recognised as the central mosque of Blackburn.

History of Jaame Masjid

Since the first pioneers who established Jaame Masjid, it had been expanded and a Madrassah was also built to meet the developing needs of the community, in 1996 a new project was put forward for the masjid to be expanded and accommodate up to 3000 people.

It is situated in the heart of the community, providing excellent education, prayer facilities, seminars and is a venue for world renowned guests and speakers.