Term Calendar

We have tried to keep holidays in line with school breaks, any holiday during term time is likely to have a detrimental effect on your child’s progress. Madrasah strongly recommends that no holiday is taken during term time. Any holidays or prolonged absence planned for during term time will require a written request for prior permission from the Madrasah. Attendance of after school clubs, weddings, family visits, airport drops etc. during Madrasah hours is strictly prohibited and will not be authorised. Any violation to this will not be accepted and appropriate action will be taken.

Admission Form

Please download and complete our admission form. Once completed please hand into the Madrassah office, once handed in application will be reviewed. Admission fees are £10.00 per student 


At Madrasah Ta’leemul Islam, we strongly believe in including punctuality and regularity in children. 95% attendance is the minimum requirement.

Students should report at least 5 minutes before the reporting time to Madrasah everyday. It is expected that parents will support the Madrasah in inculcating the value of punctuality and regularity of work.

Hifz Maktab Aalimah Hafizah
4:45-8:00 5:00-7:30 5:00-8:00 5:00-7:30




We expect our students to wear uniform at all times, and they are encouraged to take pride in it and their appearance.