Masjid Gallery

Masjid Gallery

Here you can view and explore the interior and the exterior architecture of the Masjid

Shaikh Mohsin Al-Qasim

Alhumdu lillah Jaame Masjid had the opportunity to host imam ul haram Shaikh Mohsin Al-Qaim on 2 occasions, the first visit coming in 2002 and the latest coming in 2015

Interfaith Event

Jaame Masjid Welcomes People of
All Faiths, All Denominations & All Ethnicities
to the Epic Interfaith Event held at Jaame Masjid on the 15th of July 2007.

Jaame Masjid is proud to have hosted such an esteem, rare event.
A day when People of all Calibres, whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist,
Sikh, Parsi, Athiest or Agnostic, Black or White, Big or Small, Young or Old,
Everybody came with One Mission… With One Vision… Peace, The Vision of Islam.

A day when all boundaries of Hatred & Prejudice were broken
and Everyone Welcomed their Brothers & Sisters in Humanity with Open Arms.

A day when everyone greeted one and other with Peace, The Greeting of Islam.

We are Proud to have shared the much anticipated company of our
Brothers & Sisters in Humanity as we Sat, Prayed, Ate & Dined together…
It was a moment, felt as though time had stood Still…

Peace – Vision of Islam
This event was a great opportunity for Non-Muslims to observe the daily Practices
of Muslims as well as Gaining Knowledge about Islam.
Each and Every Individual was able to view the true Teachings of Islam.
They were ALL overwhelmed to see the True Peaceful Image of Islam.

We look forward to hosting such events in the Future, & we eagerly anticipate to Welcome our Brother & Sisters in Humanity with Open Arms…
Whoever they may be… For Us nobody is a Stranger,
as the Islamic Tradition instructs us we wait for the Opportunity to
Greet them with the Greeting of Islam:

May Peace, Mercy & Blessings of Allah S.W.T (God Almighty) be on you..

Masjid Library

Jamia masjid also has a library which the public can come and visit and use.

The library has a selection of books and journals in English and Arabic, it holds copies of the translation of the quran in English/Arabic languages 

There is a quiet study area designated for researchers and scholars, WI-FI facilities are also available.

Shaikh Sudias Visits

Shaikh Abdur Rahman Al-Sudais, the Imam of Haram in Makkah, paid  a historic visit to Jaame Masjid for the 1st time in 2002, there after Shaikh Abdur Rahman Al-Sudais has been on to visit the centre more than 4 times


Over 40 persons can do ablution (WUZU) at one time in this state of the Art Wuzu area. An ablution is a washing or a cleaning of oneself, for personal hygiene, or a ritual washing or cleaning associated with religious observance.